Science is already naturally hands-on. You can experiment, observe, concoct, measure, and so much more. Some projects require a lab, special equipment, and lots of prep time. But, luckily there are so many fun ideas that can be done simply with everyday objects. Try one of these fun, hands-on science experiments with your kids for a whole lot of learning fun.

10 Awesome Science Experiments to grab your children's interest! Love these simple, but fun activities!

10 Hands-On Science Activities

Explore chemical reactions at home with this fun (and safe) science experiment, Chemical Reactions with Pennies.

What will melt in the sun? Try this fun Melting Crayons Science Experiment experiment on a sunny and warm day. 

Did you know that you can use the sun to make art? Make sun prints on a sunny day and find out why color fades on a sunny day.

10 Awesome Science Experiments to grab your children's interest! Love these simple, but fun activities!

Can you bend a craft stick? Try it with this fun experiment and make craft stick bracelets with your results.

Have fun with color. Mix and concoct, explore and experiment with this Color Mixing Lab.

Can you mix color using motion? Try it with these Color Mixing Tops.

Save this idea for winter. Learn to observe, predict, and record your results with Snow Science: Observation and Prediction.

What objects slide the best on ice? Find out while combining science with sports with Hockey Science.

What will sink and what will float? Make predictions and experiment with this classic sink or float project.

Can you build a boat that floats? Combine engineering and science with a floating experiment STEM project.

Your students will love learning with one of these simple hands-on science experiments.

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