10 Things to do with Trains!

Do your kids love trains? I think we all have train tracks laying around the house, but what can we do with them besides turn them into painful obstacles to step on in the middle of the night?  How can I turn these land minds into something that can help my children learn? Here are ten great ideas that can extend your play time and even turn it into fun learning for your kids. I even included one idea for those who don’t want to run out and buy a set of tracks. You are probably safer at night for not having them.

train activities

In every country we have visited you can buy a set of these little gems. One of the things we kept with us, even in the RV, were these wooden train and track sets. Even if you don’t want to spend money on the tracks there are still great things to do with trains that will encourage your kids to learn.

Top ten things to do with trains

Can’t afford the wooden tracks? Make your own masking tape train tracks!

Warm weather is on the way, here are 10 great ways to learn with trains!

Here is a great way to learn words that begin with T. Have a T is for Train day!

Do your kids like LEGO® and trains? here is a great way to use LEGO® with trains!

Do you have a toddler that loves trains? Try a train sensory bin!

Sight words are sometimes difficult, but not with the Choo-Choo sight word activities.

Do your Kids love to paint? Mine do! Here is a great idea for painting with trains!

Does your child love the winter? Make a snow train sensory bin for hours of fun and learning!

10 train activities

Here are some other great transportation themed activities that your kids will enjoy!

This gross-motor transportation activity for preschoolers is an excellent way to get the kids moving and learn about forms of transportation. My daughter wanted to play for hours!
Transportation Matching squareGet this free transportation themed free printable for pattern making and have fun learning with bicycles and hot air balloons!Counting to 10 is fun with these four free transportation themed printable activities!

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