5 Christmas Busy Bags for Learning

I don’t know about you, but I love the busyness of Christmas. I love having extra opportunities to visit with friends and family. The excuse to bake (and give away) all those sweet treats. But sometimes, I just need a break from it all and with four kids that’s not always easy. Especially with the littlest one who has decided recently that my lap makes a perfect location for her 35 pound body. Every time I take a few minutes to sit down and relax, she decides that it is the perfect time for her to climb all over me. It would be great if she just wanted to sit still and cuddle, but she prefers a much more active version of cuddling… So I took half an hour out of my day while she was occupied by her sisters and created 5 Christmas busy bags that I can pull out for her to play with when I need a break.

5 Christmas busy bags

Plus, all of these busy bags have a learning component with them, so I can also use them for her preschool time and guided play. That makes them extra great for me. Because of her disability, things that are ‘preschool’ for us, may be more along the lines of a toddler’s ability. That’s okay too.

I do suggest that when using them with any child that you keep them within your eyesight, in case they decide to do additional exploring with their mouths or ears or noses. You know your child best, so only you can decide if these activities are appropriate for your little one.

These Christmas busy bags are perfect for practicing skills such as counting, matching, making patterns, and fine-motor development. All with a fun Christmas theme.

The activities can all be stored in zip top bags for easy storage.

5 Christmas Busy Bags

Christmas Patterns Busy Bag


Christmas Matching Busy Bag

Christmas busy bag for matching

Christmas Counting Busy Bag

counting busy bag

Christmas Fine-Motor Busy Bag

fine-motor busy bag

Christmas Tree Decorating Busy Bag

christmas busy bags Featured Image

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