Addition to 10 Cover Up! Cards

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Addition to 10 Cover Up! Cards

Free Google Slides Addition to 10 kindergarten math activity. Use Google Slides to practice addition to 10 at home or at school with this free activity!
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  1. It’s not just your great activities I am appreciating it is the way you explain the importance of each skill in such an easy to understand way that i can share with parents to help them understand why’ we’ are doing this. Thank you

  2. I am so excited about this activity. I can’t wait to hear my Grade 1’s reactions. I am very new at all of this ,but because of the lockdown in South Africa, I have had no choice but to learn new skills at top speed. Thank you, Kim!

  3. Thanks so much. My country has just gone on lock down and we have 2 weeks to set up our class online. this is a huge help

  4. When I download the google slides they are not opening in Edit Mode. In the upper right hand corner next to the share button it says PRESENT and has no other options. Any ideas on what went wrong?

    1. When the activity is initially opened in the web browser it is showing you a preview of the activity and you will not be able to interact with it yet. If you close out your web browser and go to the Google Slides website, or open the Google Slides app on your iPad you will be able to access the activity that way and it will open in “edit” mode. For some visuals and more detailed instructions check out our Google Slides Tutorials found on our Digital Resources page!

    1. Simply click on the pictures to see the activities. Then enter your e-mail where it says “Get your printable here” and the activities will be sent directly to your e-mail. 🙂