Butterfly Garden Sensory Bin

We have butterflies on the brain! Since our kindergartener has been studying the butterfly life cycle and my older girls have been studying habitats and ecosystems, our house has been full of butterfly action this week.

Butterfly Garden Sensory Bin for learning about the butterfly life cycle.

A perfect time to do a butterfly garden sensory bin. This may seem like something simple to you, but for us it was actually difficult to find all the different elements that we wanted to add.

Rather than big-box craft stores, we have exactly one craft shop in our district (think big neighborhood) and it is about half the size of my living room. In it they have all sorts of yarn, gauzy fabrics, ribbons and trims, glitter, little beads and fancy beads. The beads are all in little bowls and you have to ask the clerk to take a spoon, scoop up the beads you want and pour them into a little tiny baggie to be weighed. They charge by the gram for the small beads. For the larger, fancy beads you pay by the piece.

Butterfly Garden Sensory Bin for learning about the butterfly life cycle.

I was pleasantly surprised we went today and I discovered several different butterfly bead options, flowers and ladybugs too!

A few days back I had my husband stop at another random shop and pick up some fake flowers. Just cheap kid-quality ones which we picked off the stem.

Definitely no one-stop-craft-shops here.

The kids watched carefully as I added the “dirt” to the garden in the form of black beans. Then they took over for the rest.

They delicately arranged the flowers, bugs, and butterflies. They added in some brightly colored beads as “lawn decorations”. At one point we also had a squishy toy in the bin at a “garden ornament.” Unfortunately, I didn’t get a picture of that.

Said squishy toy is now lost in the depths of a messy bedroom.

If you look carefully, you can see the pom pom caterpillars that the kids made earlier this week.

All the kids wanted to take part, though the oldest one had some difficulty relinquishing the control of the garden.

The littlest one let me put the beads in her hands, but she wasn’t very keen on playing in the bin. Probably because of aforementioned older sister.

Ah, well, such is the life…lol!

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