Chalkboard Editable Sight Word Eggs

Sight words are part of the building blocks of reading skills. They are what progress a reader from three-letter short vowel words to being able to read full sentences. Beyond that, sight words are the most common words of the English language, so knowing them is the biggest part of reading. These sight word eggs are are a fun way to practice sight words that you can customize to fit your kids. Choose the words that you need to review right now.

These sight word eggs are a great, customizable way toMaterials needed for Chalkboard Sight Word Eggs:

Chalkboard eggs (found these at a craft store!)

Chalkboard marker (otherwise called a Bistro board marker)

These sight word eggs can be made to fit the words you need to review right now!

That’s it!

With those two simple items you can create a completely customized learning activity for your kids!

I selected the words off the Dolch word list that I wanted Jaida to review and wrote them on the Easter eggs.

I wanted to use them mostly as a fluency activity, so I chose words that I knew she would be confident in reading. I loved how smoothly the marker wrote on the eggs and I really loved that it didn’t smear as Jaida started using them.


If you would like your kids to get some writing practice while they are reading the eggs, I have created a small printable for them to write down ten of the words that they read on the eggs. 

Download the sight word egg recording sheet.

I love this approach because it creates a multi-sensory learning activity without a lot of preparation involved.

They are “touching” the words by holding the eggs, “seeing” the words on the eggs, “hearing” the words as they read them aloud, and “touching” the words again by writing them. What a great way to commit the words to memory!

sight word Easter eggs reading activity Easter Eggs with sight words written on them for kindergarteners to read

Plus, as a reward, after the kids have successfully read the words on the eggs, they can wash them off with a wet rag and then draw their own pictures on them!

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