Christmas Counting Busy Bag for Learning

With the Christmas season in full-swing, I have been looking for easy activities to keep my preschooler busy while I continue to work with my older children on their school work. Because of the fun of the season, all four of the girls are easily distracted and it means that I need to pay closer attention while the older ones are working so that they will stay on task. However, I still have a very clingy little girl who would love to have my undivided attention 24/7. I created this Christmas counting busy bag along with four others in less than 30 minutes to give her something to keep her busy while I work with the other kids.

Christmas counting busy bag

Materials needed for the Christmas counting busy bag:

10 mini cupcake liners

10 small balls (mine were vase filler from the floral department)

1 zip top bag

If your child is prone to wanting to squish paper cupcake liners, you could substitute silicone liners instead, we just don’t have any of those in a mini-size.

We used supplies that we had already used in our peppermint sensory bin to get the most for our money.

christmas preschool busy bag

This is, perhaps, the easiest busy bag to put together ever. As quickly as you can count to 10 twice, that’s how long it takes.

The simplest way to use this busy bag is to take apart the cupcake liners and have your child put one ball in each liner. From there you can build on this simple activity to count to ten, saying a number each time your child puts a ball in a liner.

You can also demonstrate that numbers can move backwards when your child takes a ball from a liner. This is the beginning stages of subtraction.

I used 5 red balls and 5 white balls mostly because I like the color contrast, but you could also use that to introduce addition skills. “If I have two red balls and 3 white balls, how many do I have altogether?”

preschool Christmas busy bag

I love busy bags for their versatility and their ease to prepare! You can do so many different things with one set of materials! I’d love to hear your suggestions for using this busy bag! Share with me in the comments!

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