Christmas Fine-Motor Busy Bag

I hope that you have enjoyed the other Christmas busy bags in this series! Today, I have  a Christmas fine-motor busy bag  that is just right for December. It’s filled with red, white and green for a festive time of exploration and skill building for your little ones.

Christmas fine-motor busy bag

Materials needed for the Christmas Fine-Motor Busy Bag:

Foam (or wooden) shapes with ‘points’ such as a star, snowflake or Christmas tree

Small clothespins (ours were approximately 2” long)

I found some Christmasy small clothespins in one of our trips to the craft store for Christmas decorations and picked them up, knowing that with all of our clip cards and other activities that they would be of good use this month. We’ve used them a bit during school and now they have found a temporary home inside this busy bag.

christmas busy bag

I used foam shapes in our bag because they were in the same value pack that I got the pieces for the matching busy bag and the decorate-a-Christmas-tree busy bag. That made the purchase of the pack well worth it! However, you could also use the thin wooden pieces from the craft store as well for a sturdier item to clip onto.

Have your child pin one clothespin to the points on each object. This is great for building fine-motor skills and working the muscles used for the pincer grasp which will help them to become excellent writers in the future! This would also be great for an occupational therapy activity if you have a need for that like we do.

To extend the activity have your child count each point as he attaches a clothespin to it. You could then compare the number of points on the different objects. “The star had 5 points and the snowflake had 8. Which one had more?” or “Which one had less?”

Use this to do an introductory lesson on subtraction by removing some of the clothespins and asking how many are left to be removed.

Practice symmetry by putting identical clothespins on opposite points.

There are so many possibilities in one small busy bag!

fine motor activity

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