Christmas Matching Busy Bag for Learning

Here’s another great Christmas busy bag for you! This matching busy bag has a festive twist that can also be used to introduce seasonal words with your child. With just a few materials needed, you can prepare this activity in less than five minutes and get some quiet time during a very busy season. This Christmas Matching Busy Bag is great for preschoolers and toddlers when you need a few quiet moments. 

christmas matching busy bag

Materials needed for the Christmas Matching Busy Bag:

Two each of different foam shapes with a Christmas theme.
One zip top bag

I included a stocking, wreath, snowflakes, stars and an ornament in the bag. I took them all from one value pack of foam shapes that I was using with my older daughters to create some Christmas crafts. Because the pack was on sale, the pieces that I used to create this bag cost less than $1. This would make an excellent, economical choice for a busy bag exchange!

matching busy bag

Simply put the foam pictures into the zip top bag and pull it out when you need your child to be quiet and busy.

When you are ready to use the activity, empty the foam shapes onto the floor or table and scatter them around. Then, encourage your child to find the matches.

You can make this more difficult by including more shapes, more colors of the same shapes, etc. Make it easier by including fewer items.

You can demonstrate one-to-one correspondence by lining up one set of the shapes and placing the match directly on top of the shape. This is the building blocks for understanding that one object = one.

As you are matching the shapes you can build language skills by say aloud “one wreath”, “one green wreath”, “two wreaths”, “two green wreaths”. Adding an additional identifying word is a great way to expand a child’s vocabulary skills. Even if your child isn’t ready to repeat you, it’s important that they hear objects described in simple terms.

For an additional challenge, make two identical lines of the shapes, one directly beneath the other. Have your child cover her eyes and remove one of the shapes. Then ask which shape is missing. Let you child answer to the best of her ability using the words that you have already modeled for her.

There are so many ways to use such a simple activity!

matching busy bag christmas

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