Christmas Small World: Kid-Made

I love creating activities for my kids. I really do. But I really love when they make their own activities. Not because I don’t want to be involved with them, but because I want to continue to grow their awesome, creative minds. If I create everything for them, the won’t learn how to express their own creativity. So, even when an activity isn’t “Pinterest-perfect”, it is kid-perfect and that’s all that really matters. This Christmas small world was totally kid-made and my hope is not that you copy the idea, but let it inspire you to make sure your kids are having the opportunity to express their creativity.


Materials they used in the Christmas Small World:

Miniature Christmas trees

Littlest Pet Shop toys

Card stock


Paper Mache house

Foam Christmas trees

Pom poms

Pillow stuffing

Pipe cleaners



I didn’t give them any direction on what or how to make their small world other than suggesting that they make some Christmas crafts with items our from our supply shelf.


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It would definitely be a waste of our craft supplies if all we used them for was to look pretty after all…

They started out by making cone Christmas trees with the card stock. Then, the foam Christmas trees.

That is when they decided to make a Christmas small world.

They brought over the house that we had used in the firefighter play dough set a couple months ago, which has since been painted some lovely shades of pink.

They added the miniature Christmas trees and pillow stuffing.


And then decided it was the perfect place for their Littlest Pet Shop toys to spend Christmas.

I think the key to success with activities like these is to do them often. It builds kids’ confidence that they really are creative and can design anything their minds can imagine.

This Christmas small world made for a wonderful afternoon of fun and is now permanently assembled in the playroom for the kids and the animals to enjoy all winter long.

When was the last time you let the kids have “no rules” craft time?


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