Christmas Tree Decorating Busy Bag

We’ve been loving our busy bags recently and this one is no exception! Shiloh actually caught me putting together this Christmas tree decorating busy bag and insisted that I let her decorate a tree right away. The 5 Christmas  busy bags for learning have been a blast and I’m glad to have a few things I can pull out when I need to keep my little one busy.

christmas tree busy bagMaterials needed for the Christmas Tree Decorating Busy Bag:

Foam Christmas tree cut-outs

Foam candy cane stickers

1 zip top bag

Christmas busy bag

I did say that I thought the counting busy bag was the fastest to put together, but this one may have beat it by a few seconds.

While the other four Christmas busy bags had a great educational focus, this one is mostly for fun. It does build fine-motor skills as your child removes the backing from the candy cane stickers and places them on the Christmas trees.

christmas tree craft

Other than that it’s mostly a lot of fun!

If you wanted to turn it into an educational activity, you could direct your child to put a specific number of candy canes on each tree and then use them for counting practice. You could even write the numbers on the star or the trunk and an older child could independently put that many candy canes on the tree.

You could also use it to build language skills by describing the things your child is touching. “Christmas tree”, “Green Christmas tree”, “Red Christmas tree” “Sparkly candy cane”, “Striped candy cane”. This will help your child be able to express herself during the Christmas season when she is exposed to so many new sights. It can become very frustrating for a young child to see so many new things at once and not have the vocabulary to talk about it. This is a calm setting where you can practice those words without the added pressure of being busy.

I hope that you have enjoyed the Christmas busy bags! If you haven’t seen the other Christmas busy bags for learning, be sure to check them out!

Christmas Busy Bags

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