How to Make This Paper Plate Craft

Step One:

Use a ruler and a black marker to divide a paper plate into four equal parts. You might want to do this part in advance.

Step Two:

Create each stage of the life cycle with the children. First, cut a small green leaf and glue it to one section of the plate. Next, add a few grains of rice to symbolize the caterpillar eggs.

Step Three:

Next, make the caterpillar sitting on a branch by cutting out a small twig and leaf and adding a spiral piece of pasta.

Step Four:

Make the chrysalis hanging off a branch with brown construction paper and one shell pasta.

Step Five:

Finally, glue a piece of bowtie pasta to the fourth quadrant to symbolize the hatched butterfly.

Step Six:

Now you can go back and label each section, drawing an arrow to the next step in the cycle. Alternatively, you can have the labels and arrows ready before the students create the life cycle steps. Or, you can print labels for students to glue on.