Butterfly Crafts

Butterfly crafts are a colorful way to display the final result of the life cycle. Use died coffee filters and pipe cleaners, tissue paper, or watercolors to learn about color, symmetry, or traits.

Create a Book

Make a life cycle book with half sheets of paper and child illustrations/labels of each step in the life cycle of a butterfly.

Picture Matching

Give your child real-life life cycle pictures for butterflies and see if they can match them to these play dough life cycle cards.

Sensory Bin

Talk about the life cycle stages of a butterfly and work on fine motor skills as you play in a butterfly themed sensory bin.

Have a Snack

A butterfly-themed snack is a great way to please hungry kiddos while still reviewing important concepts and vocabulary!

Play a Game

Continue learning about butterfly life cycles with a fun board game designed to engage and teach the stages of a butterfly’s life.