Colorful First Day Of School Printable Sign: Preschool – 12th

It’s that time of year again. Back To School. When we frantically buy all the pencils and paper and try to pull together what may resemble a routine and reasonable bedtime. Some kids may be excited while some may dread the moment they set foot in that building. Regardless, the day will come. We, as parents and teachers, want to help create memories surrounding the momentous occasion of starting a new chapter in school. That is where these adorable Colorful First Day Of School Printable Signs come in and they couldn’t be easier!!

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Colorful First Day Of School Printable Sign For All Grades

The first day of school. If you’re like me it’s a few weeks full of crazy emotions. As a mom, who has spent the entire summer with my kids, I am ready for school to start again. I am ready to get back on the routine and have some structure. Then the day comes and it’s all you can do to hold back the tears. Your little baby has grown up before your eyes and now they’re starting a whole new school year. It is a moment that must be captured in a picture.

These adorable free printable first day of school signs are perfect for back to school.

For teachers, the first day of school is super exciting. They are meeting a whole new group of students who are eager and waiting to be taught. You’ve been prepping all summer for this new classroom. You’re ready with all your best ideas. You are ready to watch your students learn and grow! It is a moment that must be captured in a picture.

For students, the first day of school could be one of 1000 different ways. Some kids are terrified. Scared to be away from their parents or apprehensive about the change. Other kids are super happy to be back in school, with their friends and excited to learn. It can be hard for some kids, but the first day of school is still a moment that must be captured in a picture.

Don’t Just Take The Picture, Make The Picture

I know you’ve seen them. The back to school pictures with fresh apples, a gourmet breakfast or scenery that is straight from a magazine. Those are great, but let’s be realistic. Whether you are a mom of one or a teacher of 30, you don’t have time to make up a photo studio just for back to school. Like I said, it is not realistic.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t have a photo prop to help everyone remember when and why the picture was taken. This Back To School Sign is incredibly easy, gets the job done AND it is SUPER CUTE. All the colors mean it will match with any outfit the child may be wearing. PLUS it is as simple as clicking print and asking the child to hold it. This can be taken anywhere you want the child to sit, whether that be the front porch or in a classroom.

Remember their first day of school with these colorful free printable first day of school signs.

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Take your Back To School pictures to the next level with these adorable Back To School Printable Signs!

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