Cookie Crumb Parfait

I love an indulgent yogurt parfait like our Lucky Charms parfait– it’s a great way to feel treated without being completely decadent. This Cookie Crumb Parfait is a great way to enjoy a cookie or two while getting some healthy protein and dairy. A lavish dessert or a special breakfast – either way, you’re going to love it!

This yogurt parfait could pass as a “cheater cheesecake” depending on the flavoring you use for your yogurt. To make mine, I used plain greek yogurt and added my own flavoring – half vanilla for the top and half chocolate for the bottom.

We had a batch of fresh chocolate chip cookies on hand, so I grabbed two of those and used them to layer in between the yogurt. You could use store-bought cookies, brownies, a leftover muffin or cupcake — whatever you might have on hand.

You can make and enjoy this cookie crumb parfait right away, or make a few in advance as long as you don’t mind if a few of the cookie crumbs get a bit soft. I personally love the contrast between the crunchy crumbs and the soft, velvety yogurt so I like to enjoy mine right after making it!

For the vanilla yogurt I added just a teaspoon of vanilla to 1 cup plain greek yogurt. I didn’t add any sugar or sweetener since I knew I was going to be topping it with the cookie crumbs, but you could definitely adjust for sweetness.

For the chocolate yogurt, I just added a teaspoon of my favorite Ghiradelhi ice cream topping. You could also use a bit of cocoa powder or a different ice cream topping flavor – like salted caramel. Mmmm…

Next, I crumbled up one of the cookies into the bottom of my serving dish. I layered on the chocolate-flavored yogurt and then topped with most of a second crumbled cookie – saving just a few crumbs for garnish.

I topped that second layer of cookie crumbs with the vanilla-flavored yogurt, and then the few reserved cookie crumbs.

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