Create Your Own Addition Clip Cards for Winter

I love printables as much as the next person. (Worksheets not so much…) There’s something great about knowing all you need to do is press the print button and a few minutes later you have an activity for your kids. The issue with printables though is that they are not customizable according to the lesson plans that you already have. I have lots of difficulty finding math activities that are compatible with our math curricula, so we decided to make our own review activity! These addition clip cards for winter can be completely customized to meet the needs of your student!

DIY Winter clip carts

My love for craft stores is definitely no secret and neither is my love for our Math-U-See math curriculum. We’ve been using it for 7 years now and plan to continue all the way through. So when I was trying to get math activities together for Jaida, my 1st grader and couldn’t find anything that focused on the addition problems she was working on.

She is currently working on the plus 2s, 3s and 4s, so I wanted an activity that didn’t have a lot of problems that she hadn’t gotten to yet. A lot of math activities just lump all the addition problems together  which can be confusing for a child who hasn’t gotten to that stage of their lessons yet.

DIY Addition clip cards

So I took a trip to the craft store to get some supplies to make some activities for the winter season and came up with some treasures. A trip down the scrapbooking aisles led me to find some journaling tags and teeny tiny clothespins that were on clearance. Of course, if you are reading this and you can’t find a clearance deal on these items, just watch and they go on sale on a fairly regular basis or you can use one of those lovely coupons that they are constantly giving out.

Alternatively, you could just cut some tags/cards out of regular scrapbook paper. You could probably get 12 3″x4″ cards out of a piece of 12×12 paper. And you can use any clothespins. I just thought it would be really cute for them to match.

Then, I picked up a white scrapbooking marker and some glittery snowflake stickers.

To create the cards, write the addition problems that you want to review on the cards, add a sticker and you’re done!

I displayed the cards in a tray with some fake snow and the clothespins.

addition clip cards

To use them, Jaida put the same amount of clothespins as the addition problem indicated and then she counted them all to find the total.

It was so easy to put together. It took about 5 minutes total. Shiloh, my 3 year old, thought it was so fun to write on the tags that I actually had to hide the tags while I was writing them out. She also wanted to steal my stickers…

You can also use these for fun flash cards, sort them according to their sum, hide them around the room for a fun write the room activity. There are so many choices. It definitely makes the few minutes you spend on them worthwhile!

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