Creating with Recyclable Materials

I’m so excited to be a part of the Earth Month Blog Hop! Throughout the month of April we’ll be sharing lots of great ideas for caring for our earth and our families! We had a lot of fun creating with recyclable materials with our inventor’s basket. I love how it encourages kids to think of using items in non-traditional ways!

Creating with recyclables is a fun way to inspire imagination in your kids! Plus, it provides another use for recycling materials before they leave on trash day.

At the risk of sounding silly….

Materials needed for Creating with Recyclables:

Anything you would recycle

Please do be careful providing metal materials to your children. Things like cans might have sharp edges that children can get cut on.

recyclables  square

Great items include: cereal boxes, egg cartons, soda and juice containers, clean aluminum foil, small boxes, cardboard tubes, plastic cups (rinsed out), scraps of paper, shoe boxes, cardboard pieces, soda cans, yogurt containers, butter tubs, and newspaper. So many possibilities.

We collect our recycling materials in a basket for the kids to craft with whenever they want. Since we don’t have to spend money on the materials, they are free to create to their hearts desire. Items that we need to purchase are monitored a bit more closely.

We also have the understanding that items created with recyclables do not need to become permanent fixtures on our craft shelf, but they can be played with and then recycled when the kids have lost interest in them. This is a bit difficult for my 10-year-old since she easily attaches emotions to things that she creates. Because of that each child has a small drawer to store all their treasures. If it doesn’t fit in the drawer, they have to pick and choose what they can keep.

recyclables feature

Today, Rissa decided to use the recyclables to create a police car and a police station. When they are creating, I rarely provide ideas.

I do, however, encourage them to use their best abilities. So when she wanted to give up creating before her car had wheels just because she couldn’t think of what to use, I suggested that she might use the paper cups for that.

She was the one that decided to make them flat…

I was impressed that she thought to put a satellite on top of her police station. A sign that she is paying attention to the things that she see while we are traveling!

The best part is that this kind of creating is completely open-ended!

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