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    1. I really just did a LOT of Googling for instructions, so I can’t point to one specific resource.

  1. I can’t tell you how happy all this makes me!!! With having to switch from direct instruction to virtual/ distance learning within days, I truly appreciate you making materials so readily available and easy to use. They are exactly what I need.

  2. Help! I was able to download the abc cover up, but I can’t open up the cvc short vowel ones.

    1. I would need some more information about what you mean “I can’t open up”. Did you enter your e-mail to have them delivered to your inbox? Did you download the file from the e-mail? Did you push the “click here” button to open the file?

  3. NO way to thank you enough!
    This is exactly how we do it with letter tiles when we are at school….it is an easy transition to learning at home for kiddos!