Get students sounding out CVCe word families with this fun spelling board game. Students will read and spell up to 175 CVCe words! A great way to get them reading!


Card Stock or Scrapbook Paper | Laminating Pouches | Laminator

Great for a partner or small group center!

This game is great for sounding out CVCe words. There are also many ways that you can differentiate for your students.
-Focus on beginning sounds instead of the entire word. You can have your students recall the letter that the word begins with rather than spell the whole word.
-Focus on end sounds. Have students recall the letter that the word ends with rather than spell the whole word.
-Only use one short vowel sound in the game. For example: only include words that have a medial “a” or “e”.

To set up the game:
Print and laminate Pages 3-10. I strongly recommend using card stock for the playing cards, so that students will not be able to see through them. I love to print on the white side of one-sided scrapbook paper as this makes the cards opaque and attractive.

For 2-6 players

-Shuffle word cards and place them upside down on the card box of the playing board.
-Choose the first player.
-Player 1 places their marker on the owl start position. The player to the left of Player 1 draws a card from the pile and without showing it to Player 1, reads the word aloud. Player 1 must spell the word either aloud or by writing it out.
-If Player 1 spells the word correctly on the first try, he/she spins the spinner and moves ahead the number of spaces indicated. The game continues to the next player with the player to his/her left reading the word for the player to spell.
-If a player does not spell the word correctly on the first try, they remain on the same leaf without spinning the spinner. The game continues to the next player.
-The first person to reach the owl’s branch wins!
**When playing with only 2 players, the opposite player reads the card to the person spelling.

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