DIY Craft Supplies: Glitter!

My daughters and I are all very crafty, hands-on kind of people, so we can burn through craft supplies super quick. I can’t afford to ship over a lot of craft supplies. As necessity is the mother of invention, I turned to the internet in search of ways that we could feed our passion without breaking the bank.

This week we decided to make glitter. I have to tell you, I was doubtful when I read on Growing a Jeweled Rose that she made glitter with salt. We tried it anyway. Salt it super cheap and my mom had sent us some food coloring a while back, so what did we have to lose?

Homemade glitter

Supplies needed:
Salt (however much you want)
Food coloring (we used liquid, but you could use gel as well. I’m also going to try with tempra paint)
a zip top baggie for each color you want to make
a tray or cookie sheet to let the salt dry

Pour the salt into the bag. We used a funnel to help us aim. Mishaps still happen, but such is life.

Put a few drops of food coloring in the bag. Less if you want light colors, more if you want vibrant colors.

Zip closed and gently mix the salt and food coloring together until the salt is evenly colored.

Empty the contents of the bag onto your tray and put out of the reach of the kiddos for about a day.

Did it work?
Yes! We used our glitter the following day to do glue sight words and geometric designs. Despite the fact that our toddler didn’t quite get the concept of “sprinkle a little bit” and dumped the contents of her glitter cup onto her project a couple times, I deemed this craft supply a success.

Shiloh put her creation on our sticky wall to display.

Bonus: The salt was much easier to clean-up than regular glitter which as we know is impossible to get rid of. A few sweeps of the broom or a quick run with the vacuum will clean-up this DIY glitter.

Do you have a DIY craft supply idea that you would like to share? How about an activity that you did recently that was a big hit? I’d love to hear about it!

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  1. Awesome idea! I tried the gel. Do not use gel! I used red wilton gel and it came out very dull. No shine and a bit clumpy even after trying to get it even, just doesn’t work. However, when I used generic green drops, amazing! Thanks!

    1. Yes, the gel doesn’t work well because you are not adding additional liquid. If you decide to try gel again, I would add a tiny bit of vinegar or hand sanitizer to spread the color more evenly.