DIY Gingerbread Dominoes Matching Game for Preschoolers

I think my preschooler’s favorite activity is finding matches. She loves finding them everywhere. Today she discovered that she has two identical Shopkin’s toys and you would have thought she had found a diamond with all the excitement she showed. I love working within her interests, so I made a new set of DIY dominoes for her. She had so much fun with the transportation set we made! Oriental Trading Company sent me these adorable Gingerbread foam stickers to use and they were perfect for the project! We’ll probably end up making a whole series of activities like we did with the transportation stickers, since 500 stickers goes a LONG way!

These DIY Gingerbread dominoes are easy to make and a great way to practice matching with your preschoolers.

DIY Gingerbread Dominoes Matching Game for Preschoolers:

Card stock

Gingerbread foam stickers


Paper cutter


The first step is to cut the card stock into domino shapes. I cut the pieces in half the long way and then I cut strips that were approximately 2.25″ wide. No need to be exact, this is supposed to be fun, after all. And Shiloh was bugging me the whole time I was cutting, so I wasn’t paying very close attention anyway.

After you have the cards cut, draw a line down the center of each one.


Then, create your dominoes by attaching the stickers. I lined them up so I could make sure I had each set paired correctly. There are LOTS of options for pairing, so you could make a huge set of dominoes if you wanted. I went with eight different stickers to keep things manageable.

These DIY Gingerbread dominoes are easy to make and a great way to practice matching with your preschoolers.

Shiloh had fun sorting through all the stickers to find the ones we needed. And peeling the backing off the stickers was great for fine-motor skills….shhh…don’t tell her she was ‘working’. We talked about ‘big’ and ‘little’ while she was looking since there are large and small versions of each object.

Then, when we were finished making the dominoes, she had fun making a design by matching the pictures.

diy gingerbread dominoes featured image

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