DIY Alphabet Magnets for Spelling Activities

Spelling and phonics is rarely at the top of our “fun to do” list when it comes to school. My big kids love to read, but spelling alone?….not so much. My first grader is starting to fall in love with reading due to easy library access and some carefully selected reading books to spark her interest, but she still needs work on spelling and fluency with words. So word building is a big section of our learning time. We don’t want to repeat the same exact activities day after day though, so today we made these super fun spelling magnets to add some new interest to our word work time as part of the “Learn with Your Craft Stash” series.

Make these DIY spelling magnets to turn your spelling words into fun!

Materials needed for the DIY Spelling Magnets:

1 Set of Bananagrams® tiles

1 Roll of adhesive magnets

Magnet board (We love our Melissa and Doug magnetic chalkboard)

Optional: Set of Blend Words from our free Build-a-Blend pack

Make these DIY spelling magnets to turn your spelling words into fun!

How to make the magnets:

Cut small pieces of the adhesive magnets, peel the backing and stick them to the back of the letter tiles.

It’s seriously that easy.

Because I didn’t want to peel and stick all the letters by myself, I enlisted the help of my kids. All four of my daughters helped me do the sticking. That was a big time saver and it was great for their fine-motor skills.  (Gotta get those goals in there somehow! lol!)

I like using the  Bananagrams® tiles because there are so many multiples of all the frequently used letters, so the kids don’t get frustrated running out of letters after the first word.

The Melissa and Doug magnetic chalkboard is great because it’s portable and can be easily moved around the room.

Make these DIY spelling magnets to turn your spelling words into fun! Plus, a free printable for blends.

As Jaida was working on blends, she did have to choose a new blend after a few words or return the letters to the box and start again since she was repeating the same letters so many time.

Make these DIY spelling magnets to turn your spelling words into fun!

She selected words from our Build-a-Blend pack and created them with the tiles. This also works great for learning letter orientation and recognition of uppercase and lowercase letters. Even though we don’t write with all uppercase letters, being able to recognize quickly that they are the same thing is important.

You can use these tiles with any spelling list. It’s especially great for kids who don’t like to write or have trouble writing because it still uses fine motor skills to pick up and arrange the letters, but it’s not as daunting as remembering how to make each letter from memory.

These would also be great for creating a take-a-long game for a car ride or plane ride.

DIY letter magnets for spelling practice

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