DIY Sprinkler for Outdoor Fun

Just because we’ve started school (which is going quite awesome!) doesn’t mean that summer is over. Actually, we decided to start school so early because it is too hot to be outside all day long & the kids were getting restless. We’re still making sure to get outside during the not-too-hot times & enjoy the summer! However, our pool has been attacked by bamboo shoots a few too many times and is in need of another repair. So my awesome hubby rigged up this DIY Sprinkler for the kids to cool off after they are finished with school for the day.

Materials needed for a DIY Sprinkler

2-liter plastic bottle

Duct Tape

Sharp object for poking holes

Garden hose

The process is actually very simple.

Poke a bunch of holes around the top section of the 2-liter bottle.

Then, align the opening of the bottle with the end of the garden hose and wrap duct tape around the two to secure the bottle onto the hose.

Then, turn on the water!

That’s it. You can have it ready to go in less than 5 minutes which is great when you have hot kids waiting to play!

You can just sit it on the ground and it will work fine for little kids, but my big kids wanted to play too, so I set it up on top of our water play table and it made the water the perfect height for everyone.

The kids love playing tag or “volley ball” around the sprinkler. And they loved seeing the dog’s reaction too!

Setting a sprinkler in the sun is a super fun way to explore rainbows too!

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