Dolch Sight Words Card Game

Need a high energy game to get your students engaged and learning? This is it! Review Dolch nouns in a small or large group with multiple game sets. Game includes definitions and words in two different colors. It is completely adaptable for any extension game too!

dolch nouns

Great high energy game for reviewing Dolch NOUNS Sight Words! Other sets are available in my store. These cards could also be used on a Word Wall.

This is a “Slap Jack” style game that includes a center pile to tell you which card to slap.

Teacher Instructions:

**Each “set” consists of one red page and one teal page. However, you can mix and match sets for your purposes. You can also combine sets for a larger game.**

Print on card stock and/or laminate the cards. (Card stock is recommended because some children will try to see through the cards.)

I recommend printing 2-4 copies of the DEFINITION cards for more thorough review. More copies will create a longer game.
WORD cards are red and DEFINITION cards are teal for easy sorting. If you want to review words in a different order simply print the pages with the words you want and make your own sets. All sets match for this reason.

To play: 2-4 players

  • Place the word cards face down in a pile.
  • Deal the definition cards equally among players. Place them face down in a pile in front of each player.
  • Decide the first player.
  • Flip over one of the WORD cards.
  • In clockwise order players flip one card at a time. When a DEFINITION card is flipped that matches the WORD card: SLAP-IT!
  • The first player to slap the card takes the center pile of cards that have been played and adds them to the bottom of their own pile.
  • Flip another WORD card and continue playing.
  • Game is finished when time is up or one player has all the DEFINITION cards.
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