Easter Egg Dyeing Free-for-All

Have you seen all the pictures of the beautiful eggs on Pinterest? Every time I get on there it seems that my picture feed is covered with amazingly crafted eggs.

You know the more I looked at those pictures, the more I didn’t want to make eggs like them. Strange, I know.

I contemplated the time it would take.

The specialty craft items.

Blowing out eggs. Yikes!

The controlled crafting environment.

And the actual usability of the eggs afterward.

And came to the conclusion that those methods would not work for us. Four kids=real life.

colorful dyed Easter eggs

So instead of pre-planning some amazing and stress-inducing egg dyeing adventure, we had an Egg Dyeing Free-for-All.

children dyeing Easter eggs

I gave the kids some “tools” to work with, like dye, a white crayon, stickers, q-tips and foam paint brushes.

And eggs, of course.

I also did something new this year. I boiled a lot of eggs. A lot. 38 to be exact. Only 2 of them didn’t make it to the dyeing table because they cracked and became someone’s breakfast instead.

preschoolers dyeing Easter Eggs

Usually, I boil 10-15 and each of the kids gets just a few. All that effort for set-up and the egg dyeing is done in 5 minutes or less. Not worthwhile to me.

I decided to extend the fun by boiling extras. That turned our usual 5 minute activity into a good 30 minute activity.

Our eggs might not be art museum-worthy, but they were fun and each child used their creativity to make something that they were proud of.

Here are the results of the Egg Dyeing Free-for-All.

colorful hand-dyed Easter Eggs

What about you? Do you pre-plan fancy egg dyeing? Or do you do a free-for-all where everyone decides the creative fate of their eggs? I’d love to hear what you did this year!

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