Easy DIY Christmas Napkin Rings

Looking for something simple to dress up your Christmas table? These easy DIY Christmas napkin rings are the perfect thing! Make enough for the whole table in less than 30 minutes with easy to find materials. (Like paper towel rolls and toilet paper rolls.) You can get your home all set for the Christmas rush and make it pretty too.

Easy DIY Christmas napkin rings are so simple and make the table so pretty!!

Before the Christmas rush hits the stores, I like to go to Wal-Mart and stock up on all my household necessities. I hate standing in line forever waiting to buy something because I forgot to buy enough. I make sure that my shopping list includes Ibotta app, Scott® or Cottonelle® toilet paper, and Kleenex® facial tissues. Those are the things I don’t want to be caught without once the holidays really get busy. I make one big shopping trip to Wal-mart and get it all out of the way, so that I can concentrate on the fun parts of the Christmas season.

With 6 people in the house we go through a lot of paper towels and toilet paper. And with Shiloh, my preschooler, in an exploration stage, I’m using even more paper towels than usual. If I leave her alone for 30 seconds, she heads straight to the kitchen to create some science experiment.

And, it goes without saying, we use a lot of toilet paper.

It seems so wasteful to just toss those cardboard tubes. Especially when we can create so many fun things out of them.

Today, I decided that those cardboard tubes would be perfect for making napkin rings.

Supplies needed for making DIY Christmas Napkin Rings:

Cardboard tubes (paper towel or toilet paper rolls)

Christmas themed scrapbook paper

Christmas die cuts such as Christmas trees, ornaments, or snowflakes


Glue stick


The perfect size seemed to be around 1 1/2 inches for the napkin rings-roughly one-third of a toilet paper roll. (If you can’t handle the thought of a toilet paper roll on your dining room table, just use a paper towel roll & measure it out.)

I cut six rings.

Then I cut six strips of  scrapbook paper 3 inches wide.

I covered the back of the scrapbook paper with glue and then centered the cardboard tube vertically on the paper.

After wrapping the paper around the tube, I pressed the extra paper into the top and bottom of the tube to ensure that it would have a smooth finish.

Then, select a Christmas cut-out, apply glue to the back, and stick it to the tube. You may need to temporarily use paper clips to hold the cut out in place while it dries.

You could do all of one kind if you want the table to match perfectly or you can mix and match for a fun, festive table!

They look great with our Christmas napkins!

Easy DIY Christmas Napkin Rings Featured Image

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