Easy DIY Clay Valentine Decorations

The moment the Christmas decorations come down, I start thinking of what to put in their place. Do I go for more of a wintery feel or do I just dive right into Valentine’s Day? This year Valentine’s Day has won and we started putting out Valentine’s decorations a few days ago. The first spot in the house to get decorated is our craft inspiration shelf. We put out all of our seasonal craft supplies in hopes that we will get inspired when we see them all beautifully displayed. And right away I knew that I wanted to create some DIY clay Valentine decorations! We started with this heart mobile and fun “Create” sign to make our craft area even more inspiring.

Materials needed for the Clay Valentine Decorations:

Crayola Air Dry Clay

Heart cookie cutters in multiple sizes (best under 3″ wide)

Wax Paper

Acrylic Paint

Paint Brushes

Wire Wreath Frame


Straw or small dowel

To start, lay a large piece of waxed paper down on your work surface. This will keep the clay from sticking to your table after you have cut it out.

Then, grab a handful of the air dry clay and use a rolling pin to flatten it down to 1/4″ on the waxed paper. You could also do it with your hands, but the rolling pin helps to pop the air bubbles that form and make the clay smooth.

Using multiple sizes of heart cookie cutters, cut 20-25 hearts out of the clay.

We learned through trial and error that it worked best with the cookie cutters that were less than 3″ wide.

Use a paper straw or small dowel rod to poke holes in the hearts to create a place for the string that will be used later. I found the straw to create the best holes, but the skewer was better for the tiny hearts.

Leave the hearts to dry. Because it is air dry clay it can take a couple of days to dry. We put ours on a cookie sheet (with the waxed paper) and set it in front of the fireplace to dry. Do not put them in the oven as they could cause damage by breaking.

After, they are dry, select 3-4 colors of acrylic paint and completely paint the hearts.

You might like to decorate the hearts, after they are dry, with sticky gems or scrapbook border stickers.

Anything to add to the shine! 

Create the Valentine Decorations

Cut 10-15 strands of string approximately 12″ long. Try one or several hearts on each string. Mix it up and make it fun!

Paint the wire wreath form with your acrylic paint (or spray paint it if you have some).

Then, tie the strings to the wreath form at varying heights.

Attach one string to two sides of the wreath to create a hanger and hang the mobile from the ceiling.

Altogether the supplies cost less than $5. A simple, cheap Valentine’s Day decoration!

It’s the perfect complement to our Valentine’s Day inspiration shelf!

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