Easy DIY Rainbow Vases

Rainbows are such a beautiful sight to see. I love searching the sky after a rainstorm looking for those bright colors in the sky. This spring I wanted to bring the rainbows inside with some fun crafts. Since we’re taking down our Valentine’s Day decor tomorrow, I started with these easy DIY rainbow vases to brighten up the house.

These Easy DIY Rainbow Vases are a quick way to add some rainbow flair to your decor this spring!

Materials Needed for the Rainbow Vases:

Bud Vase Set 

Sharpie Permanent Markers

Now, I know that there are people in the world who love crafts that take days, weeks or even years to make.

I am not that kind of a person.

In fact, if I can’t have it done in one sitting, there is a very big chance that I won’t even start it. Because my memory is so awful that I won’t remember to go back and finish the project on another day.

These rainbow vases can easily be done quickly. No waiting for paint to dry, no specialty materials to find before starting. Just vases and markers. 

To decorate the vases, just begin coloring. I also have no drawing skills, so I opted for some simple designs like polka dots and scribbling. Paired up with a fun “melted” design and a simple wavy design, I had each vase finished in less than 15 minutes.

Crafting Tips: 

The marker remains wet for a few seconds after you draw on the vase, so be careful not to smear your hand across the design.

Also, cover your table with a protective layer because the marker can stain surfaces that it comes into contact with before it dries.

This is also a fun project to get the kids involved. A couple of my girls decided that they wanted to decorate their own vases, so I was glad that there were six vases in the set.

Such a fun activity and it really brightens up our living room now that we are taking down our Valentine’s Day decor.

Easy crafting for the win!

Easy DIY Rainbow Vases Featured Square Image

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