Feather Craft for Preschoolers- Create a Wreath

For playful preschool this week we are exploring feathers. We had a lot of fun playing with the feathers and creating the fun feather craft that I’m sharing with you today. Making a craft isn’t just busy work though. We had a lot of fun working on some simple learning concepts while we built the feather wreath.

Feather Christmas Wreath Craft

If you are a faithful follower of this blog, you will notice that this is not my preschooler. This is actually my first grader and a lot of the pictures will show her doing the craft. In the sake of being honest with you, my preschooler was having a “moment” while we were working on this and though she was with us the whole time, listening to us talk, she was exercising her newest word, “No,” for every suggestion that I made. However, I do know that she is capable of making the wreath, so I also know that any preschooler should be able to make it as well.

We started off by feeling the feathers and engaging our sense of touch. Shiloh giggled the entire way through it because she was so nervous about the fluffy feeling of the feathers.

We also had some pillow fluff for the craft, so we compared the difference in feeling between the feathers and the fluff.

Then, we used the fluff as a base to poke the feathers into. We worked on making a pattern with them which gave us the opportunity to expose Shiloh to the names of the colors red and white. I helped her touch each feather as we called out the color names.

feather patterns

After Shiloh got bored with that, we moved on to the craft portion of our feather exploration. In case you were thinking that a craft isn’t educational, let me take the time to tell you that everything that we do with our preschooler is hands-on because of our intellectual delay, so we use things like crafts to engage her hands while we talk about different concepts. In addition to that crafts bring out a sense of creativity and exploration that lead to other discoveries along the way.

To start our feather craft, we wrapped a small styrofoam wreath form in the pillow fluff. I thought that we were going to leave the fluff thick so that is could provide a background behind the feathers as we created the wreath. However, we discovered that our feathers were not strong enough to poke through both the fluff and the styrofoam. So we pulled most of the fluff back off and left just a bit of fluff residue on the wreath. Then, we poked the wreath repeatedly with a pin and the point of a pen to make it easier to push the feathers into the styrofoam.

wreath base

Then we created a red and white pattern as we poked the feathers in all the way around the wreath.

building feather wreath

We learned very quickly that we needed to push the feathers in holding the tip of the feathers, otherwise the feathers would break in the middle.

After we covered the wreath with the flowers, we added some cute gift bows to make it more festive for Christmas.

add bow to feather wreath

At this point Shiloh decided to get over her “No”s long enough to help out.

Because the backing of the gift bows wasn’t strong enough to adhere to feathers on its own, we stuck a feather through the loops of the bow and pressed it into the wreath to hold it on.

Feather wreath craft Featured Image

Ta-da!!! This fun feather craft will make a nice Christmas gift for Grandma. (Shhh….don’t tell her!)More Turkey and Feather Learning Activities from the Playful Preschool Team

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    1. Thanks! I’ve made lots of hairbows with feathers and I’ve always loved the way they fluff out. I’m glad that they worked so well for this project.