Feather Letter Match Activity

This time of year, feathers and turkeys become the stars of the show. I like to make fun hands-on learning activities for little ones, and when I saw these feathers in my local craft store, I knew I could transform them into a hands-on learning activity. With feathers, letters, and a marker, you can make a really fun seasonal learning activity to help kids learn to recognize letters and play a fun letter matching game. There is almost no end to how you can use these letter feathers to teach the alphabet to little ones. This activity is perfect for preschoolers and kindergarten kids.

Practicing matching letters of the alphabet with this easy prep feather letter matching activity. Match uppercase to lowercase or work on letter recognition in either case.


You’ll need a few materials for the feather letter match activity:

  • Feathers
  • Permanent markers
  • Letters (magnetic, felt, fabric, etc.)

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Write a letter onto each feather. You can either use this activity for matching uppercase to uppercase or lowercase to lowercase letters, or you can use it for matching uppercase to lowercase letters. Use whatever format your kiddos need to learn the most at the moment. You can also use this activity for sight words, spelling, and recognizing letter blends. There is almost no end to what you can do!

Place all the feathers in one basket and all the letters in another.

Show the kids how to pull out a letter, then find its match in the feather basket.

This activity would work great in a literacy center or as an independent learning activity for preschool or kindergarten. Kids will have a blast locating the correct feather.

Once kids progress beyond letter recognition, have them find the letters based on sounds rather than letter name. Add more letters to each feather and use them as a tool for learning how to read CVC words!

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