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  1. Hi!!! Thank you for all these amazing activities that we can use in Seesaw. I love them all. I have the activity for Find the Letter- Fox set 2. This set includes letters N-Z. How can I get set 1 for letters A-M?

    Thank you,

    1. All of the letters are included in the PDF download that you received. There is one image to click for Set 1 and one image to click for Set 2.

  2. I often download items from here and enjoy them. Today I received a message about there being a problem with my API and it wouldn’t accept my email address. I am looking into it to see if it’s a problem on my end? I really do enjoy your activities and have never experienced any problems before today

    1. You can be added to the mailing list by downloading any free resource. Due to spam laws, I am not allowed to add you myself.

  3. Is there a way to use this on a tablet without a google account? Google slides app wants you sign in. My students may not have access to a google account. thanks Anne

  4. i have put my email address in to receive a few different activities several times but am not getting the confirmation email in my mailbox. Not in trash or spam either.