Fine-Motor Skills Sensory Bin

I mentioned yesterday that I made the kids some colored pasta to practice their fine-motor skills and for sensory exploration.

I wanted to show you how we put it to use.

In our sensory bin, I put a little bit of everything (except the kitchen sink). The common factors being that all the pieces were relatively small and very colorful. I used pom poms, multi-colored beads, the dyed pasta, bear counters, muffin cups, and some clothespins.

beads and small objects fine motor sensory bin

I don’t know how you work it, but for us, it just works better if I throw it all together and then walk “away” to let the kids explore on their own. I do not demonstrate how they should interact with the sensory bin. The key point is to let them explore. To learn and develop new skills from their explorations.

preschooler playing with fine motor sensory bin of beads

Jaida, my kindergartener, immediately started exploring.

She separated some of the muffin cups and started sorting the different types of objects. Pompoms in one, beads in another… Colors, sizes, items.

Then she thought it would be fun to see what the clothespins would do.

Again, no prompting.

She discovered that some objects were easy to pick up with the clothes pins, such as the hard beads. But some things like the pom poms were harder to get a grip on because they were bigger than the clothespins opened.

After a while, she decided to make soup. Because playing the baker is one of her favorite things to do.

fine motor sensory bin Featured Image
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