We look for any excuse we can to color in my house!  Someone is celebrating their birthday?  Let’s make a handmade colored card!  There’s ten minutes left until dinner is ready and the kids are getting restless?  Here’s a coloring book and some crayons!  You want to learn the alphabet?  Here are some super fun Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Pages!  These Free Alphabet Coloring Pages are not only another great excuse to color, but they are also an awesome way to introduce letters to your toddlers and preschoolers!

alphabet free printable alphabet coloring pages for preschool

Each set of letters has a fun design for your little ones to color! Your child will love creating colorful letters with these free printable coloring pages for kids!

Staying in the lines and coloring the design details are both great practice for fine motor skills!

How Do I Teach The Letters Of The Alphabet?

Teaching your preschooler the alphabet may seem like an overwhelming task!    

Don’t worry, you’ve got this!  Just keep it fun and simple!

  • One of the best things you can do is read and look at books with your little learner!
  • Keep the activities multi-sensory!  Sing and listen to songs about letters, trace letters with your fingers, and talk about the letters you see on signs!
  • Labeling objects in your house with words on index cards can help little ones be surrounded by words and letters!
  • Play with manipulatives like wooden letters, magnet letters, letter stamps, and foam letters!   
  • Get creative with your letters!  Incorporate letters into your arts and crafts time!
  • Peak your child’s interest by helping them learn to spell their name, or even just learn the first letter of their name to start with!
The Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Page for the letter

How To Use These Free Alphabet Coloring Printables:


  • Paper
  • Crayons
  • Markers
  • Colored Pencils
A kid coloring the Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Page for the letter


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Print the alphabet pages to color onto white paper or card stock.  Choose the black and white setting when you are printing!

To save paper you can adjust the page settings to make two letters fit onto each page!  (This will also make the perfect size alphabet booklet!)

Let your child choose a coloring utensil of their choice and start creating some beautiful, colorful alphabet letters!

A kid coloring the Free Printable Alphabet Coloring Page for the letter

Other Ways To Use These Alphabet Coloring Pages:

  • Cut out the letters (another great fine motor skill activity!) and paste each set of uppercase letters and lowercase letters onto pieces of construction paper.  Help your little one find pictures from magazines to cut out and paste them onto the construction paper.  Put all the pages together to make a letter scrapbook!
  • If your little one isn’t into coloring let them fill in the letters with stickers, erasers, or trace the patterns with glue and sprinkle glitter on them!
  • Laminate the coloring pages after your little one colors them!  Hole punch the corner and put them on a ring for an adorable alphabet book!
  • Cut the letters out individually and use them for a matching game!
  • Play a letter recognition game!  Put out three or four of the letters onto the table.  Have your little one select the letter that you call out from the letters displayed on the table!  Add or take away cards to differentiate and make the game easier or harder!   (If your little learner likes this game they will LOVE these I Spy Alphabet Printables!)

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alphabet free printable alphabet coloring pages for preschool
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