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This guest post is from Karry at Yay for Pre-k!

My little guy is crazy, funny, happy, energetic, smart, and lots of fun! I’ve been paying close attention to his language development for about 9 months because I noticed that he wasn’t using as many words as my two older children were at his age. He comprehends everything that we say, but as his second birthday came and went he was still just using a handful of words. This barnyard game is a great way to get him to use the skills that he already has. 

farm speech and language toddler activity


We spoke with his pediatrician and decided to schedule an evaluation with a speech language pathologist (SLP).  While we wait for his evaluation, I’m loving my free time this summer for lots of reading, singing, dancing, finger plays, and conversations!  
I decided to create a barnyard game to encourage my little one’s speech development.  He feels confident with animal sounds and likes to read stories about the farm, so I stuck with that theme. I decided to make some animal cards and a “farm” that he can stick the cards into after practicing the animal sound.  
Perfect for a two year old, he loves opening, closing, and filling up containers. Would you like to make your own barnyard game? 

You can download and print the instructions and pieces right HERE

how to make farm activity

Practicing animals sounds is a really effective way to have fun with language when you’re working with toddlers. He’s producing a wide range of sounds and strengthening those muscles. We can make real-world connections by visiting farms and talking to the animals.  

fill the farm speech activity

Here are some more ideas for using the Fill the Farm game…

1. Print two sets of the animal cards and play a matching game. 

2.  Hide the cards in a room. Encourage your toddler to find them and produce the animal sound before placing inside the farm. 

3. Print multiple sets of the cards to sort and count the animals.  
4. Decorate a large cardboard box as a farm to play inside of, imitate animal sounds with your child while you play. 
 I hope that you enjoy this game and can use it with your own little ones!  

Thanks so much to Kim at Life Over C’s for inviting me over to share a blog post. My name is Karry and I’m a Pre-K teacher, mom, wife, and blogger at Yay for PreK!  I love developing activities to use with my students and three kids, and this summer I’m focusing my attention on my two year old son.

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