I’m getting ready to buy school supplies. Usually I wait until all the traditional schools go back to school and everything is put on clearance, but we’re getting ready to start school on Monday, so it would be nice to have some fresh supplies to get us started. Plus, this weekend is tax-free weekend, so I might as well catch some sales and save on tax too. The thought of trying to take my kids to the store when it is so busy makes me shudder, but it is bound to happen at some point. So I made this free back to school scavenger hunt printable to help keep them focused while we shop.

– Life Over C's Taking your kids back to school shopping? Or even just trying to pack their new backpack? THis free back to school scavenger hunt is a fun way to keep them busy, so that you can focus on getting everything you need.

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Materials for the School Supply Scavenger Hunt

  • Paper
  • Writing Utensils

Even as homeschoolers we purchase a lot of the same types of school supplies, so that we can stay organized throughout the year.
But in addition to the traditional school supplies, I always make sure to stock up on lots of brand-new craft supplies and materials to make school a fun, hands-on experience.

I keep EVERYTHING in our supply closet, so that we can pull them out at a moments notice to use for learning. Plus, the kids have access to those supplies almost all the time for independent creating. (I do store things that would not be appropriate for Shiloh on higher shelves.)

My goal is provide my children with the supplies to encourage them to learn on their own and be excited about it. We tried the workbook approach for a few months. We tried computer learning for a few months. Each of those efforts felt like I was pulling teeth with no medication… So I dropped all the worksheets and we’ve gone to the things that my kids love: books & creating.

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– Life Over C's school supply scavenger hunt for kids free printable activity for back to school
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  1. This is SO cute! What a fun idea! I only wish it were editable (say, in a Word document) because we homeschool and don’t use lunch boxes, backpacks, and some other things.

    1. I cannot make it editable because of the clip art license. We also homeschool and I’m still using it to give the kids something to look for while we’re in the store even though we don’t need those items. It would be difficult to make a list that includes things that everybody needed to purchase. Instead think of it more as a “look & find” rather than “help me get these things in the cart”. 🙂