Free Interactive Ten-Frame Activities

girl practicing kindergarten math with ten frame and number bond freebie printable

I am so ready for spring to really take hold! We have not had as hard a winter as those in the United States, but I’m still sick of being stuck inside. This interactive ten-frame activity is a great way to get the kids moving during the cold months when you don’t want to go outside.

Because I’m bored from just sitting around all winter, I’ve been working to create some very interactive learning tools. I say learning tools rather than teaching tools because in our homeschool I really want my kids to be independent learners.

I do not want to be in front of them dictating their every educational moment. That is not my idea of fun.

Instead, I want to be a facilitator. Someone who provides the tools necessary for learning and gently guides from beside. Not a dictator or lecturer, though some days I feel that’s the only role I’m fulfilling!

A little while back we did a life-size number line and it was a definite hit. It actually got our youngest ‘counting’. One…..ten……one…..ten. Apparently today her favorite numbers are three and five. It’s the little steps and for her the BIG words!

Lately, I’ve been working on addition with Jaida, my kindergartener. She gets the concept, but hadn’t seemed to internalize it yet. I wanted it to be something she could see and touch. Something that would really get it into her mind. An experience she could really build on. I didn’t want it to be something done while sitting down. Because we’re tired of sitting, remember.

So, the idea for a life-size ten-frame was born! And in true waiting-and-wishing-for-Spring fashion, I made it with flowers. Super cute flowers from The Bee Scrappy set by Mel at Graphics by the Pond.

big ten frame addition activity on sticky wall

I had intended to tape off our floor to look like a ten-frame using non-damaging tape. Very important, because I have some very nice hardwood floors. I could have done it in our tiled front hall, but the wind was blowing through our lovely un-sealed front door so much that the floor was too cold. However, when we went to do the activity I discovered that all of my masking tape had flown away to parts unknown. So, I put up a new sticky wall instead and attached ribbon to make a ten-frame.

girl learning with ten frames and number bonds for adding to 10 and adding to 20

I provided Jaida with some number bond cards and let her demonstrate them with two different colors of flowers. We made our flowers pink & red, but you can make them any color you want. Just print them on colored paper of your choosing. I also laminated our flowers, so that we would be able to use them many times.  (I LOVE my laminator!)
The full-set for the Life-Size Ten-Frame includes lots of number bond cards for finding sums and missing addends through 20 (you will need a double ten-frame to create those numbers), plus a smaller version of the ten-frames that can be utilized in math centers or times when you are not able to do the life-size version.

The freebie that you will find below includes the life-size flowers, number bond cards for sums of 10, and a review sheet that you can use for assessment.

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