Free Lemonade Stand Printable for Play Dough

Did you ever have a lemonade stand as a child? I was not among the privileged few who did. 🙂 The concept was so simple.

Whip together some lemonade (in my mind I’m sure it was Kool-Aid at the time!), set up a table and wait for the thirsty customers to flock to you.

Well, I lived on an almost country road, so customers were not something I was going to find.

My kids have similar issues since we live in the middle of a concrete jungle on the 10th floor of an apartment building. No thirsty customers to flock to them either.

But that doesn’t stop them from wanting to pretend to have a lemonade stand.

pretend play dough printable lemonade stand

As soon as this lemonade stand printable came out of the laminator, they were begging to help me cut it out so that they could play with it faster.

By the time I had the lemonade stand cut out and taped together, they had everything else ready.

To assemble the lemonade stand, use an exact-o knife to cut out the yellow rectangles in the center of the two lemonade stand pages.

The yellow rectangles are the sides of the lemonade stand. tape the sides to the front and back. I recommend taping both the inside and outside of the corners.

Then, use a small popsicle stick or skewer and tape it to the backs of the ‘poles’ of the canopy to give it support.

lemonade stand play dough printable

Add some play dough (ours was lemongrass scented!) and some fun play dough toys and let their imaginations run wild.

lemonade stand printable for play dough

There is ‘money’ included so you can work with your kids on counting coins, making change and other purchase related math concepts.

“How much money does the girl need to purchase 2 lemonades?”

“How much change will she get if she pays with $1.00?”

“What combination of coins does she need?”

Lots of learning opportunities without even pausing playtime.

lemonade stand pretend play Featured Image

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  1. These are the CUTEST! Thanks for sharing, my daughter will adore these!

    Found you @ Wholehearted Wed Link up