Free Printable Cactus Valentine Cards

What is more adorable and huggable than a cute little cactus? Maybe not? Ok, well these craft stick cowboy cacti are absolutely adorable! Pair them up with these free printable cactus Valentine Cards for a great Valentine’s Day gift for kids. Or take a twist on the Cactus cards and pair them up with a fun gift for a non-traditional Valentine’s present for one of your pun-adoring loved ones!


Oriental Trading Company sent us these adorable craft stick cactus cowboys to include with our Cactus Valentine Cards and I tell you what…

I am in love!

Complete with a bandana, cowboy hat and lasso, these adorable cactus make perfect gifts for the kids to give to the friends on Valentine’s Day! There is also a magnet that you can attach to the back, so they can hang the cactus on their fridge to look at the rest of the year and remember what a great friend they have!

We put together some of our cactus cowboys to include fully assembled ones with the cards (found that hot glue worked much faster than school glue), but you could also easily attach the bags of the individual crafts to the cards for the kids to put them together themselves.

Whether that is laziness or encouraging creativity in the kids…. I’m not quite sure. *wink*

These Valentine Cards also make great fun gifts for anyone you love! Who says that the kids and couples are the only ones who get Valentine presents? Take a step on the daring side this year and give a gift to a friend, co-worker, your mom or your 9th cousin twice removed by including a different gift with the card.

5 inexpensive gifts to include with the Cactus Valentine Cards:



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