Free Printable Letter X Worksheets: Tracing, Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sounds

What’s the best way to teach ALL the letters and sounds to ALL your students? With patience and variety! Your young learners need multiple opportunities to explore these funny shapes we call letters that all have different names and sounds! If you think about it (and I know you have because you’re a teacher;) helping young kids learn letters of the alphabet is no small task! Which is why I created the Free Printable Letter X Worksheets: Tracing, Letter Recognition, Alphabet Sounds for you! You’re welcome.

Free printable letter X alphabet worksheets for preschool and kindergarten

Learning About Uppercase and Lowercase Letters:

LETTER OF THE WEEK with preschoolers


Although printable worksheets sometimes get a bad wrap, when used with a little creativity they can give students that valuable practice and repetition they need to master letter formation and naming.

I made the Letter X packet to cover all of the bases! It includes opportunities for students to work on a number of different alphabet activities, depending on what they need.

The Letter X worksheets for preschool and kindergarten are ideal to use at a learning center, with small groups, or as a whole class.

Many of the pages can easily be converted into a game, coloring page, or activity that employs motor skills and physical manipulation to strengthen fine motor muscles and help the learning stick.

The Letter X preschool worksheets include:

  • Letter Tracing: THREE different versions, depending on abilities/motor skill development
  • Cut and Sort: Uppercase vs. Lowercase and First Sound Pictures
  • Read and Color: Sight Words/First Sound/CVC and CVCC Words
  • Find the Letter Worksheets: I Spy and Grid formats
  • Roll and Write: A fun dice game to practice writing Letter X
  • Rainbow Writing: A colorful way to complete a tracing letter worksheet
  • First Sound: Pictures and words to help children hear the /x/ sound at the end of words
  • Do-a-dot Marker: Large letter shapes to help young learners explore Letter X

What Can Preschoolers Learn From Printable Activities?



When children first begin instruction about the alphabet, they really just see letters as shapes. That is why reversals are so common. A chair is still a chair, even when flipped on its side, right? Well, kids see letters in the same way!

The tracing worksheets help students get the repetitive practice they need to form lowercase and capital letters with ease and automaticity.

The letter sound worksheets help connect each letter with the sound it makes. Letter X is a tricky one because it is typically found at the end of a word, not the beginning.

Help students think deeper about letters and sounds by including some thoughtful questions in daily lessons and weekly curriculum activities:

  • What are the letters in your name?
  • How many sounds do you have in your name?
  • What other words start have the /ks/ sound?
  • Does letter X have curvy lines, straight lines, or both?
  • Does uppercase X look like lowercase x?

Provides Flexibility

“Thank you for creating and sharing such great worksheets and activities. You are truly talented. I love the 3 different handwriting formats. I find that a lot of students have different learning styles and the 3 different formats provide me with flexibility to help many different students.”- Carrie M. School Based OT Asst.

What is included in the Letter X Worksheets set?

How To Use The Kindergarten Letter Worksheets

How to Use the Activity

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Using the Free Alphabet Printable

First, print the letter recognition worksheet packet.

Next, decide how to meet the needs of your students. You can laminate and place at the literacy center, use them in small groups, or teach your class a game.

There are so many creative ways to implement the free beginning sounds worksheets!

Free printable alphabet worksheets letter x for preschool and kindergarten

First Sound Cards

If you download my whole set of alphabet printables, you can use the Find and Color pages for each letter at the literacy center to help build first sound fluency.

Reusable Pages

Laminate the traceable letter worksheets for free and use dry erase markers for easy, repeated practice on letter formation and fine motor skills.

Playdough Mats

The do-a-dot Letter X page lends itself to a nice playdough mat. Protect the page with laminating film or pockets, and allow students to roll, squish and sculpt playdough letters.

Sensory Bin

Hide letters in the sensory bin and ask students to search for uppercase and lowercase X. Use one of the activity pages to place the Xs on when found..

Make an X Book

Students that are ready for sight word reading can staple the Read and Color pages together to make a Letter X book for practice.

Play a Game

Many of the pages in the Letter tracing worksheets free packet can easily be converted into simple games where students get practice rolling dice, taking turns, and placing or moving objects onto a “gameboard.”

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Free printable letter X alphabet worksheets
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