Free Printable Puzzles for Digraphs

Yesterday, I shared some puzzles for beginning blends and today’s activity is a set of Free Printable Puzzles for Digraphs to go along with the blends. These puzzles contain onset, middle and ending digraphs to give your child lots of practice.

digraphs puzzles

Materials needed for the Free Printable Puzzles for Digraphs:

Paper or card stock

Laminating Pouches (optional)

To prepare:

Print and laminate.

free digraph printables

There are several ways that you can use these simple to prepare puzzles based on the skill level of your child. Of course, these puzzles are not intended to be used as an introduction to digraphs. That would be better served with resources that focus only on the digraph itself rather than the whole word.

Options for using:

Choose one puzzle from each digraph combination. This option will guide your child to choose the correct match based on the beginning sounds of the words. This may be a way to expose them to some of the more difficult words like: whistle.

Separate the different beginning digraphs and focus on one digraph at a time. This will help your child look beyond the beginning sounds of the words to figure out the matches.

Mix and match the puzzles providing some of the same digraphs and some of different digraphs to help your child decipher the sounds within the words.

Any way you use them, your child will get the practice they need to start using the words in books rather than only being able to use them with word-specific pictures.

digraph word puzzles with digraph pictures

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