Free Printable Winter Math Grid Game for Preschoolers

Special thanks to Mihaela of Best Toys 4 Toddlers for sharing this freeprintable winter math grid game with us today!

It is always fun to play and learn and this winter math grid game is a great way to have some fun with kids without them even knowing they are learning! We made apple math grid game for fall and my 4 year old loved it. Now, with the winter, it was time to change it up a bit to keep her interest going!

Winter Math Grid Game

What you will need to play this simple, free printable winter math grid game:

printable snowflakes math grid game sheet – print one sheet for each player

20 pieces of cotton wool balls per player

standard dice with 1 – 6 dots

(Optional: you can print the winter math grid game on cardstock or laminate printed sheets if you are planning to use it repeatedly with your kids at home or in a class.)

winter math printable

Rules for playing the winter math grid game:

  • Players take turn throwing a dice.
  • They cover with cotton balls as many snowflakes on a sheet as number on a dice shows.
  • First to cover all the fields is the winner.

Fair warning, be prepared to play several time in a row!

Math grid games are really great way to introduce little ones to more complicated board games. They are simple and playing doesn’t get toddlers and preschoolers overwhelmed with all the different rules. And they are great for teaching kids patience, taking turns, and simple math. Plus, you can reuse them over and over and change counters to achieve a feel that game is new. In case of this math grid game, you can use as counters: snowflake shaped buttons, plastic or crystal gems, etc.

Download the Free Printable Winter Math Grid Game here:

snowflake math grid game


Mihaela runs Best Toys 4 Toddlers blog and loves to come up with new ideas how to use old toys her 2 daughters keep leaving on the floor to slip over.  In the mean time, you can find her on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest sharing playful learning ideas for toddlers and preschoolers.

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