Georges Suerat Inspired Science with Art

The 2nd Grade Blogging Team is sharing some great ideas for learning about famous artists this week. It’s a great collection of activities that covers several wonderful artists! Scroll to the end of the post to find all of the great ideas! We decided to add a twist to our famous artist exploration today. Our pointillism drawings were inspired by Georges Seurat, but rather than duplicate one of his famous paintings, we decided to explore science with art.

Learn about famous artists like George Seurat, while exploring science with art.

Materials needed for Exploring Science with Art:

Your choice of art supplies: Markers, Paints, Colored Pencils, or Crayons


Books on your science topic

Learn about famous artists like George Seurat, while exploring science with art.

I’ll be totally honest. I didn’t come up with this. I did guide my daughters towards Georges Seurat and then once I did, my 11-year-old remembered that it was her favorite style of art (true…) and she took over with all the details after that. I’m a HUGE fan of process art, so telling my kids exactly what to create is against my grain.

We talked about the general style of pointellism (I’m not an art history buff…Wikipedia is my friend.) Since we have done a few projects of this style in the past, the girls set right to work. Each of them choose their own art inspiration.

Even though I didn’t guide their choices at all. Each of the girls decided to create plants. I love that my daughter even created her labels for the parts of the plant with dots! She choose to work with our Mr. Sketch markers and she tried layering her colors which was new for her.

Learning different styles of art does not mean that kids have to try to duplicate a famous piece of art (though that is a great way to introduce a technique). They can use the style to create their own art and in this case share what they have learned in science with art.

A couple months ago, I shared with you how we learned about states of matter through an art project. We had just as much fun today!

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  1. I always love how pointellism looks – and using scented markers is a great touch (one of our favorite art supplies!) #ThoughtfulSpot