Googly Eye Monster Number Match

Monster googly eye number match is ideal for a group up to 6 Kindergarten aged children to play together. It works on number recognition and fine motor skills in a fun way to help engage little learners.

Practice counting with this super cute googly eye monster number match activity!

Materials needed for the Monster Googly Eye Number Match Game

Sheets of colored felt

Googly Eyes

Practice counting with this super cute googly eye monster counting activity!

To Prepare:

Cut out 6 different coloured monster shapes from the felt sheets.

Cut out the numbers 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 from felt and glue these onto squares of felt to make number cards.

How to Play:

Each player selects a monster template to work on.

Turn over the number cards face down onto the table.

Play begins with the youngest child turning over one of the number cards.

The number on the card must be called out by the player before they count out the matching number of googly eyes onto their monster template.

Practice counting with this super cute googly eye monster counting activity!

Play then continues around the table in a clockwise direction until all of the players have taken a turn.

If any child is struggling to call out their number or count out the correct number of googly eyes, then they can ask the other players to help them out.

Once the game has ended swap the monster templates around, turn the number cards back over and play again.

This purpose of this game is to encourage independent game play, and teamwork. There is no winner or loser in the game.

Game extension ideas:

You could add in further rounds of play by increasing the number of items to place onto the monster templates. For example you could add buttons, stickers and pom-poms.

You could replace the number cards with a dice and each child would then take a turn to roll the dice to see how many googly eyes to add onto their monster template.

Googly Eye Monster Number Match Featured Square Image

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