Hair Curler Sensory Fun

There’s a hair curler sensation going on at my house. Not in my hair because that would take about a million curlers and as many hours to actually put it in curlers. I have a wee bit of long hair..hehe! (To the knee long!)

I’m a mother of four. I don’t have a million hours to spare. *wink*

I do happen to have some pre-teen girls that have caught the hair-curling bug.

One of them had hers done one night in wired sponge rollers. She promptly told me the next morning that she was never going to do it again. Apparently, one of the wires went rogue on her scalp during the night and gave her a nice bruise.
girl with curly hair and coloring book

The other one, however, didn’t let that deter her. She may be obsessed.

I was tickled tonight by her mix of grown-up-ness mixed with her child-like desires. I was able to snap a few pics of her with her super curly hair while she was using the paint-with-water book that her grandma brought with her when she arrived today.

Well, I’m not actually here today to tell you all about our hair curling adventures. But I am here to tell you about how we used some velcro rollers for some fun sensory fun.

My 3 year old is against anything that makes her hands feel funny or dirty. So, I wasn’t quite sure how she would react when exposed to the prickly feeling of the rollers.

It did take her a bit to try to touch them a second time.

She wasn’t afraid to touch them with her feet though!

learning size with curlers

We used them to show size order by lining them up and then stacking them inside each other.

Mostly I did it and she watched, but at least she wasn’t running around the apartment drawing on walls or climbing up bunk bed stairs. *sigh*
having sensory fun with curlers
We made a fun smiley face.

Next, I’d like to work them into a sensory bin to get her some more exposure to the prickly feeling.

All in all it was a fun bit of time. (About 10-15 minutes.)

What other sensory materials can you think of that are a little out-of-the-box?

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