20+ Hands-On Alphabet Printables & Activities for Kids

I love kids who are learning the alphabet! It’s like a whole new world is opening up to them! My youngest daughter loves to look at letters. Even though she doesn’t understand them yet, it’s amazing to know that she is noticing them and connecting them with the alphabet song. These hands-on alphabet activities were created with kids like her in mind. Kids who need more than just flash cards and the alphabet song to understand what letters are, what they mean and eventually what can we do with them. From coloring pages to sensory bins to mini-notebooks, there is something for every child to use!

Hands-on alphabet activities that are great for introducing letters, reviewing, learning names, and learning about alphabetical order. There are card games, sensory bins, I Spy and so much more!!

Engaging Alphabet Activities from Life Over C’s

alphabet fine motor activity for preschoolers. Fill the alphabet card with a picture of an astronaut and the letter 'a' with mini erasers
Free printable pattern block activities for lowercase letter identification.
Free beginning sounds alphabet mats with uppercase letters in pattern blocks for kindergarten literacy centers.
Help your kids practice letter recognition, beginning sounds and letter formation with this Printable Alphabet Snap Cube Mat.
Free printable winter themed alphabet worksheets for preschool.
Free printable alphabet activity for Thanksgiving.
Free printable pumpkin alphabet stamping activity for preschoolers to learn uppercase and lowercase letters. Pumpkin spinner with uppercase and lowercase letter a. Stamp the uppercase and lowercase a
Free printable spring letter identification activity for preschool and pre-k.
Practice letters for preschoolers with this free printable Valentine's alphabet activity.
apple tree sorting
Free printable farm theme alphabet activity for kindergarten literacy centers. Work on letter recognition with this fun printable.
Simple Christmas theme alphabet activity for preschoolers. Sort the uppercase and lowercase letters to match the Christmas tree
These alphabet cards are great for learning uppercase and lowercase letters.
25+ Fun Alphabet books that your kids will love reading! Spend some quality time reading with your children, plus they'll be learning the alphabet and won't even realize it!
Help your child love to learn with these 25+ amazing alphabet tools! You will love this variety of alphabet manipulatives that can be used for letter recognition, handwriting, spelling and more! The best alphabet resources available!
This free pumpkin alphabet matching game is a fun way to practice uppercase and lowercase letters with your kids this fall!
This fall leaves alphabet matching activity is such a fun way to learn letters and practice sounds!
Use these easy alphabet crafts to teach preschool and kindergarten kids about their letters! These fun crafts are perfect for letter of the week activities!
Make a preschool sensory bin with a fun literacy component! This Alphabet sensory bin is perfect for learning and fun!
Gather your magnetic letters for a simple alphabet I Spy game! Customize it for names, specific letters or match uppercase letters to lowercase letters.
These free alphabet coloring pages are a fun way to practice the alphabet!
Use pretend ants to set up this simple letter formation activity or preschoolers!
Kids love the texture of cloud dough. Make your playtime educational by mixing cloud dough with foam letters in this exciting letter smash!
This tissue paper learning activity for preschoolers is such a fun way to practice letter formation!
Printable I Spy game for beginning sounds.
A simple way to make your own magnetic alphabet tiles that can be used in the classroom or at home to teach kids with. This helps make learning fun!
This free printable alphabetical order 'War' card game is great for kindergarteners and first graders who are learning how to read and learning about alphabetical order. The simple words and supporting pictures help kids be able to read the words as they decide which words come first in alphabetical order. So much fun!!!
Practice alphabetical order with your students as they play this fun alphabetical order "war" card game! Such a fun way to learn!
Work on beginning sounds with your new readers with these fun alphabet picture sorts. Black & white alphabet available for individual student sheets.
Review beginning sounds with these alphabet beginning sound sorts. Print in color for a center or black & white for individual student pages.
These alphabet I Spy printables and centers are great! Low-prep too! I love the different fonts!
Alphabet Spin & Cover pages! Lots of fun fonts for kindergarteners to practice! Kids cover an uppercase or lowercase letter after spinning the spinner.
These alphabet sliders are great! Lots of different font and pictures showing words that start with each letter of the alphabet!
These alphabet bracelets are a fun way to practice letters! Tracing and beginning sounds for every letter!
These alphabet uppercase/lowercase sorts are perfect for kids who are learning their letters! Lots of fonts will help new readers recognize the alphabet while they sort.
Printable Interactive Alphabet Notebook - Supplement

No matter what stage of learning the alphabet you are working on these activities will work wonderfully!

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Hands-on alphabet activities that are great for introducing letters, reviewing, learning names, and learning about alphabetical order. There are card games, sensory bins, I Spy and so much more!!