How To Make First Day Of Homeschool Memorable + Free Printable Sign

We have homeschooled our children for many years. Although many things are the same, the first day of homeschool can sometimes be less momentous than the first day of public school. Not on purpose, it just sometimes happens that way. With public school, children have their school supply list, meet the teacher, and a majority of students in the area are starting school on the same day. For homeschool, we can pick our own first day. We have many supplies already in our home and clearly my kids have met their teacher. This being said, that doesn’t mean that homeschool students shouldn’t have the excitement that other children do. Plus, with this free printable sign, we can easily make the first day of homeschool memorable!

Free black and white first day of school signs for photo props.

First Day Of School Picture & Sign

Taking first day of school pictures is nothing new, I have some from when I was a child. It is a big day. Now parents and teachers are seeming to add even more greatness to the pictures by adding signs to share that not only it is the first day of school but also what grade the child is going into. The signs are so cute and I think it is a brilliant idea.

We used this colorful printable sign for our daughter last week as she started first grade. My older daughters, though, wanted the same thing. They may be homeschool, but there is no reason why we can’t take a beautiful picture remembering the day and they can hold this First Day Of School Sign to help us remember what grade they are beginning.

Even though my older girls do school at home, we still maintain the traditional getting dressed and ready routine. With this sign, they can pick any outfit they want and the sign will not take away from their first day of school outfits, but will help us all remember the special day. This printable sign has the option for Preschool all the way up to 12th grade. This is perfect so that all of your kids can have a matching sign, if they would like!

Taking the picture can be as easy as this sign, too. You could do it on the front porch, in front of a tree or even in your classroom. The picture doesn’t have to be professional prefect, it is about taking a picture that will help everyone remember that exciting day.

First Day Of Homeschool Excitement

There are some other simple ways to make the first day of homeschool exciting and memorable.

  • Start With A Fun First Day Of Homeschool Breakfast. This could include ABC pancakes, ABC cereal or even just a family favorite meal.
  • Have children write Summer Recap Stories.
  • If your homeschool starts in August or September, it might still be nice and warm outside. You could take school outside. This can help the transition of summer into school much easier.
  • Play water learning games.

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