Planning for homeschool is essential, isn’t it? Without planning school can turn into complete chaos, the opposite of the goal. This homeschool planner is perfect for planning out your year! With 2 monthly view options, 3 weekly view options, unit study planning, resources pages and even extra covers for the future, this is all you need to get your homeschool organized this year! I created it in a way that leaves the ‘how you plan’ up to you. It is versatile without being too plain. It provides the options for you to plan in a way that works the best for you and your family.

I have also included extra cover pages so that you can use this planner for the next few years. Finding a planner that works for you and having it available for years to come is priceless and one less thing you’ll have to stress over.

Included in the Homeschool Planner:

Everything that you need to get your homeschool organized. Whether you need to plan by subject, hourly or just love unit studies!

Cover: Pages 2-3 (additional years are included on Pages 97-99. Use in place of Page 2.)

Resources: Pages 4-9 Websites, log-ins and passwords, inspirational sites, booklists

Monthly: Pages 11-81 (alternate below) Two monthly planning pages, a two-page calendar, and a “Looking Back” page

Weekly: Pages 82-84 Two-page weekly calendar with rows for subjects, labels for Writing, Reading, Math, Science and History

Unit Study: Pages 85-87 Two-planning pages for creating a unit study

Monthly Option 2: Pages 88-90 Two-page calendar without the planning pages, looking back page and the monthly cover page

Week Option 2: Pages 91-93 Two-page weekly calendar with rows for subjects, no subject labels

Week Option 3: Pages 94-96 Print 94 & 95 Two-page weekly calendar with hourly time slots from 6am-8pm

Extra Cover Pages: Pages 97-99 Cover pages for school years through 2025, plus an editable cover for future years.

homeschool planner cream featured image

Complete instructions for printing are included in the file.

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