Homeschool Planning Made Enjoyable with these Simple Tips

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Okay, so I know that most normal people do their homeschool planning before the middle of September, but just in case you are like me and still haven’t started school (yikes!) or you are already feeling like a disorganized mess, I have some tips to share with you to make your homeschool planning simpler and more effective.

homeschool planning with binder and Sharpie pens

Homeschool Planning Tips

1) Get some 3-ring binders that you love. One for each child that you have.  Do not buy something ugly that you won’t want to look at for more than 10 seconds. Express your personality. You are going to have this attached to your desk for a year, so make it something that you can at least enjoy looking at.

2) If you don’t already have one, get a 3-hole punch (for the 3-ring binder…)

3) Choose the homeschool planner that fits you the best.

4) Print and assemble the homeschool planner for each child. If you have children who will be doing similar activities you may not need separate binders, but with our plans for this year I need a binder for each child as a way to track what we’ve done for record-keeping purposes.

sharpie pens for planning5) Buy some fun pens, like this Sharpie stainless steel pen and the Sharpie colored pens that I picked up at Walgreen’s. I have to say, normally I’m a gel-ink pen kind of gal, but I may have been converted to a Sharpie pen kind of gal after using these pens. They write so smoothly and the fabric-styled tip glides even smoother and grips the page better than a gel pen.

homeschool planning with Sharpie pensSo far I have only gotten started on Jaida, my 1st grader’s planning for the year, so I’m planning by theme. As you can see from the planning page, next week is going to be pumpkins galore!

I used my new pens to help me see at a glance which activities require the most effort and attention.

Today is our first day of school, so we’re easing in with a trip to the local library and then some errands so that I can buy cords to plug in my electronics, so that we can actually use them for school. Then, we’ll head home and the older girls will take turns reading to Jaida while I lay Shiloh down for a nap.

A few crafts. Some slime. Then play time. Sounds like a great first day to me!

homeschool daily schedule

Then, I just wanted to be silly and jazz up my to-do list kind of like in elementary school when we all had those 10 color pens.

Because list making is boring and colors are fun.

homeschool planning

Those are the things that I do to make homeschool planning more enjoyable. What about you? How do you turn this mundane task into something that you can enjoy doing? Share your tips in the comments!

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  1. You are not alone in planning in mid September! I am right here just getting started with school and planning on the fly. This is not how I like to do it but it is what it is this year. 🙂

    Thank you for sharing all your beautiful printables and wonderful ideas! I’m now a follower!

    1. Thanks for following along! Some years are like this! All we can hope for is to snag a few free days here and there to get a little bit ahead!

  2. Thanks for the reminder to do things fun! Just curious what your planner is. Looks like one I would like to look at. I like what I have but it isn’t exactly what I want now that I have been using it for a few weeks. It will stay what I use for the year because I am not going to spend money when I have something that works just fine BUT I will need another one next year…

    1. I love the new planner that I got. I will be sharing it more in-depth this weekend, but I got it from She has some awesome planners.