Lady Bug Clothes Pins

I love lady bugs (or lady birds depending on which version of English you prefer). Despite the fact that they can be completely annoying if they decide that your house is there house, lady bugs are so bright and cheerful looking. And who can resist the adorable polka dots that they possess?

lady bug clothespin craft for kids

Red + polka dots=love!

While learning about insects I came across some super cute wooden lady bugs. We used most of them in our butterfly garden sensory bin, but a few escaped and were found elsewhere in the house. *ahem* crafting table.

I’m completely overdue in sharing these with you, but wanted to make sure they didn’t get lost into the abyss that is my iPhoto. Pictures either replicate themselves or disappear and I never know which one it will be!

This craft was completely thought up and created by my nine-year old daughter, so while it probably isn’t the way I personally would have done it, the lady bugs clothespins are definitely kid approved. My assumption is that she wanted a cute toy to play with alongside her Littlest Pet Shop® toys, as is often the case.

First she removed the hinges from the clothespins. If you have access to the old fashioned pegs that do not have hinges, that would eliminate this step.

Then, she glue both sides of the clothespins together. (She used white glue, but you could totally use a hot glue gun). Next came the red paint. Followed by some cute black polka dots.

And finally she glued on our cute little lady bugs. If you can’t find wooden ladybugs I would suggest hot glueing a small black bead into the hole of a larger red bead and then adding spots. Since we don’t live in the U.S. right now, I can’t really recommend a place to find the lady bugs.

ladybug clothespin craft Featured Image

So, there you have it. A simple lady bug project that even a 9 year-old can do alone.

(Please note: if you decide to use a hot glue gun, I completely advise you to oversee the project.)

What about you? Do you love lady bugs? At least from a distance?

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