Learning with Craft Supplies: 21 Day Series

Welcome to Learn with Your Craft Stash! An awesome collection of learning activities that you can create with 21 every day craft supplies. For 21 days I’ll be sharing an activity to go along with a different craft supply and I’ll be having some awesome bloggers join me each day as well! Learning with craft supplies is an excellent way to add some fun to your school time without requiring a lot of extra work from the teacher!

100+ ways to learn with your craft supplies! How fun!!!

In addition to all those great ideas, there is also a link-up for every craft supply, so you can add your great teaching activities for each craft item or check out even more ideas!

WOW! What a wealth of ideas!!! These are sure to fill our learning times with fantastic hands-on activities that don’t break the bank!

Get your craft stash ready!! (These links will be clickable as each craft supply is shared.)


Learning about measuring with straws is a fun way to work on both non-standard measurement and standard measurement units. Here are some ways we used them, PLUS a wealth of other ideas for using straws for learning.

Cupcake Liners

Using cupcake liners for math can be an easy way to prepare a new activity! This counting money game looks like fun, plus there are other suggestions for using the same format!

Pom Poms


Pipe Cleaners

30 seconds is all it takes to prepare this super simple 3D shapes activity!


This feather experiment is great for learning about wind and air currents!

Tissue Paper

This tissue paper learning activity for preschoolers is such a fun way to practice letter formation!

Coffee Filters

These tie dye butterflies are such a fun way to learn about color mixing! They make great Mother's Day gifts too!


Explore states of matter with crayons! A fun activity and a great use for broken crayons!


Cardboard Tubes

Scrapbook Paper


Craft Sticks



Craft Foam




Egg Cartons

Stamps and Ink

Bonus Day!!!

Learning with Craft Supplies 21 Day Series Featured Image

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